Gym Owners: Promote Your Gym Through Streaming Video and On Demand

Back in the old days there were a hand full of serious hardcore gyms for gym rats to choose from. Gym owners knew all the members by name and face. Now we live in a totally different world. Planet Fitness and gyms like that are taking over. There are so many gyms to choose from now. How do you promote your gym besides using a sign out front or an expensive television commercial?

Now for the first time, LiveBodybuilder offers you have an effective way to advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can stream live video right from your gym for potential new members to see. Give a virtual tour of your gym. Potential members will get a real feel for your space, its latest bodybuilding equipment, its free weights section, and more. Stream some classes, and highlight your cardio section. Give a god sense of who work out in your facility. This is a perfect way to sell gym memberships.

You can also show live and recorded videos of bodybuilding champions training at your gym. If your gym has events of any kind, stream all of them live and also On Demand.

It’s a tough market out there. Time to get tech savvy and sell more memberships to your gym.

Register for a free Broadcaster account HERE and start using professional broadcasting tools in a true bodybuilding environment.

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